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A Poem about Company B
The Boys of Company B
Oh Stranger - have they told you yet
Of the boys of Company B,
And the summer day they marched away -
Marched into History?

When Company B went off to fight,
To try to right a wrong,
The August sun as they stepped along,
Fell on no cheering throng.

There was no fife, there was no drum,
To lift each heart and head,
By the steady beat of their tramping feet
They timed their onward tread.

The only banners on the street,
Were those they bore that day.
Few heads were bared as people stared,
While fretting at delay.

Here where we stand they made the turn,
Down to the depot square.
No finer seen, in Marine Corps green,
Could be found anywhere.

Now listening here this winter night,
Above the traffic roar
I seem to hear their voices clear
Call out "One - Two - Three - Four"

Where were the flags that August day?
Where were the fife and drum?
For many a one that marched has gone,
Who never will return.

Forget the cheers they did not hear,
Forget the flags kept furled,
Remember with pride the ones who died,
That Right may rule the world.

Some day the strife and bitterness,
Finished will be, and done,
When Company B once more we´ll see,
Turning their steps toward home.

Then when the company roll is called,
Let´s answer with a prayer,
For the lads who gave, our cause to save,
The lads who lie out there.

For out of grief and sacrifice
In homes they left behind,
May come that day for which we pray,
When Peace enfolds mankind.

And when within Valhalla´s halls,
They tell of heroes slain,
That great retreat, will not defeat,
The Corps untarnished fame.

D. H. Q.

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